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    Diocese of Ballarat Catholic Education Limited (DOBCEL) is the company established by Bishop Paul Bird to become the governing body for schools in the Ballarat Diocese. This includes St Patrick's Primary School, Ballarat.

    Acceptable Use and Cyber Safety Agreement 2022
    Anaphylaxis Management Policy & Procedures- DOBCEL
    Assessment and Reporting Procedures DOBCEL
    Asthma Management Policy- DOBCEL

    Attendance Procedures - DOBCEL
    Attendance Register Procedures - DOBCEL

    Behaviour Management Policy Procedures and Appendices
    Child Friendly Child Safety Policy
    Child Safe Governance Policy DOBCEL
    Child Safe Risk Management Guidelines 2022 DOBCEL
    Child Safe Risk Management Policy 2022 DOBCEL
    Child Safety & Wellbeing Policy 2022- DOBCEL
    Child Safety Standards - CECV Commitment Statement
    Child Safety Standard - Student Empowerment and Participation Policy
    Child Safety Standard - Risk Register
    Child Safety Standards- Record Keeping Policy 2022- DOBCEL
    Communication Policy - DOBCEL

    Complaints Management Policy and Procedures - DOBCEL

    Delegations Instrument DOBCEL

    Delegations Policy & Procedures - DOBCEL
    Democratic Principles Statement DOBCEL
    Digital Technologies Policy and Agreement - DOBCEL
    Diversity and Equity Policy 2022- DOBCEL
    Duty of Care Policy
    Duty of Care - Supervision of Students Policy
    Emergency & Critical Incident Management Policy- DOBCEL
    Engaging Families and Caregivers in Child Safety Policy 2022
    Enrolment Policy Procedures & Appendices- DOBCEL
    First Aid & Infection Control Policy- DOBCEL

    First Aid Infection Control Procedures and Appendices - DOBCEL

    Governance Charter, Roles and Responsibilities
    Grievance Procedures for Parents/Care Givers of a DOBCEL School
    Guidelines for Police and DFFH Interview Protocols - DOBCEL
    Identifying and Responding to Abuse (Protect) Responding Obligations Policy - DOBCEL
    Identifying and Responding to Student Sexual Offending: DOBCEL PROTECT
    Learning and Teaching Policy - DOBCEL

    Learning and Teaching Procedures - DOBCEL
    Occupational Health & Safety Policy - DOBCEL

    OHS Issue Resolution Flowchart
    Prevention of Bullying, Harrassment & Discrimination Policy & Procedures - DOBCEL
    Privacy Policy- DOBCEL

    Procurement and Purchasing Policy and Procedures and Appendices DOBCEL
    Reportable Conduct Scheme Policy (Protect) - DOBCEL
    Reporting and Responding Obligations Policy: DOBCEL PROTECTRisk Management Framework - DOBCEL

    Responsible Person Policy and Procedure
    Risk Management Policy - DOBCEL
    School Advisory Council Terms of Reference
    School Bullying Prevention (including Cyberbullying) Policy 2022 - DOBCEL

    School Camps, Excursions and Off-Site Activities Policy DOBCEL

    School Camps, Excursions and Off-Site Activities Procedure DOBCEL
    School Complaints Handling Policy 2022 - DOBCEL
    School Recruitment Policy 2022 - DOBCEL
    School Safeguarding Children and Young People Code of Conduct 2022 - DOBCEL

    School Volunteer Policy, Procedure and Form

    School Visitor Policy and Procedure
    Staff Employment, Screening & Supervision Guidelines - DOBCEL
    DOBCEL Student Empowerment and Participation Policy
    DOBCEL Student Care and Health Policy (First Aid)
    Sun & UV Protection in Vic Catholic Schools Policy 2022
    DOBCEL Supervision of Students Procedures
    Supervision of Students: Volunteer Information - DOBCEL

    DOBCEL Suspension and Expulsion of Students Policy

    DOBCEL Suspension and Expulsion of Students Procedures
    Vision and Mission - St Patrick's
    VIT & WWCC Procedures- DOBCEL

    Annual Report to the Community

    St Patrick's Primary School: Annual Report to the School Community 2022