Welcome To St Patrick's Primary School Ballarat

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At St Patrick's Primary School, we believe that we must provide students with the necessary technological skills to thrive in the 21st century using technology in the classroom, where it creates new possibilities to explore a topic. We have a strong focus on applied educational technology in the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore and immerse themselves with digital technology in their learning environments. St Patrick's uses the Victorian Curriculum as the focus for learning and teaching of digital technology. 

As today's society is one of automation, constantly changing as a result of emerging technologies, the need for digital technology in the classroom is at its greatest. Digital technology is taught in the Foundation to Grade 6 classrooms alongside the inquiry approach as it allows students to explore real-world issue and design feasible solutions using technology. Each student has access to a device via our one-to-one approach (F-2 utilising iPads and Grades 3-6 Chromebooks). All classrooms are fitted with interactive displays as well as enhanced auditory facilities for supporting all learning needs.